Team building activities for international groups in 

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A team that works well together works to their full potential is more motivated and productive, and therefore more successful, not to mention happier and more fun to work with! Choosing the right teambuilding activity can be tricky, especially when typical teambuilding activities tend to induce competitive behaviour as a pose to collaborative. From small teambuilding workshops to large teambuilding events, we've sourced the best and most effective activities for your team to laugh, learn, and connect. Whether your team needs to work on communication, creative problem solving or just needs to get together and do something fun, here is our list of activities that really get the team bonding rolling!

Scroll through our extenstive list and find a suitable activity for your team!

Teambuilding activities and workshops

Magic workshop team building

Magic workshop

The team building workshop Magic In Business transforms your team into a magical team - A team that gets everything done! The team building workshop is fun, interactive, hands-on, and actually gives a positive boost. Not only the atmosphere is improved, but also participants are challenged to look at daily work, cooperation and communication with a fresh new perspective. The unique and powerful mix of content, illusions, interactive experiments, humor, eye-opening films and an inspiring story, ensure an unforgettable workshop with impact!

Participants: 5 - 2000

Duration: 45 - 90 minutes


Percussion workshop

Experience the sensation of Teambeat! Teambeat provides rhythmic workshops, energizers, ice-breakers and tailor-made company trainings. A musical adventure, suitable for everyone in every company. Because our motto is: "a rhythm in every team"! With Teambeat your company flows like music again. Let yourself and your team be surprised by an exciting, swinging and innovative musical workshop!

Participants: 10 - 100

Duration: 15 - 60 minutes 


Music workshop

The interactive music workshop Team Tune is the ultimate challenge where team members will compose their own team song 'the team theme tune' and record it in Amsterdam's largest professional studio! What can bind stronger than creating your own team song?! Every organization has a different corporate culture, but every team needs to work together effectively, communicate and have fun!

Participants: 5 - 30

Duration: 1 - 3 hours 

Juggling workshop

Juggling workshop

The juggling workshop is an energetic teambuilding activity that challenges and encourages employees or guests. Learning to juggle is fun and full of challenges. It strengthens self-confidence and reduces stress. Many can relate to the task of juggling work. Sometimes it seems as if you have to keep everything in the air... achieving goals, meeting deadlines, generating higher turnover, communicating effectively with colleagues and customers. Learning to juggle seems impossible for many people, but under the guidance of our enthusiastic juggling professionals, your employees will quickly master this art, and can take this learning experience back to the office!

Particpants: 10 - 100
Duration: 30 - 60 minuten


Art workshop - Team Identity

Team Identity painting workshop is ideal for employees to think together about the colours, design, and style that best represents their company and team. Which forms, shapes and style fit with your team? Is it angular and powerful or more round, flowing and flexible. How do you want to be seen by the rest of the organization or by the outside world? What are your qualities? How can you shape these qualities? With this inspiring workshop, the feeling of solidarity of the team is visualized on the basis of a work of art.

Participants: 10 - 100

Duration: 30 - 120 minutes

corporate cooking workshop

Cooking workshop

People work together within each organization and within each team. Employees agree with each other what results should be achieved. A division is made of functions and tasks, and then the work begins.. full of challenge and fun, on their way to the final goal! This is exactly the same in the kitchen. The only difference is that cooking is a business process with a short duration. That means good timing, planning, communication and collaboration!

Participants: 10 - 50

Duration: 1 - 4 hours

Acrobatics workshop

Acrobatics workshop

The Acrobatics workshop 'Build your Team' is a thrilling, athletic and groundbreaking teambuilding activity where issues that play within teams are treated in a playful way. People are starting to literally build their team! Skills such as working together, taking responsibility, building trust, communicating clearly, dealing with stress, tackling challenges, taking care of each other and pushing boundaries!

Participants: 10 - 150

Duration: 30 - 90 minutes

Circus workshop

Circus workshop

Put your employees in focus with Circus!

The circus workshop is a spectacular way to introduce your employees to circus skills. During the workshop, participants get acquainted with various circus elements such as: balancing, tightrope walking, juggling, devil sticks, unicycle bikes, spinning plates and diabolo. Employees are challenged to push their limits ...


Flower workshop

Team Flower Power!

Are you ready to cultivate teamwork in full bloom? Embark on a delightful journey of creativity and collaboration with our exclusive Team Building Workshop: Flower Design Edition!

Just like the vibrant array of petals in a bouquet, your team is a unique blend of cultures, backgrounds, and talents. Each colleague brings their own distinct color and fragrance to the table, enriching the tapestry of your collective experience.

In our workshop, you'll discover the powerful parallels between teamwork and the art of floral arrangement. Just as a skilled florist crafts a stunning bouquet from diverse blooms, your team will learn to weave together its diverse talents and perspectives into a harmonious masterpiece.

Outdoor and adventurous workshops and activities 

Energy workshop

Energy workshop

Create Sustainable Energy!

Sustainability within organizations has almost become a matter of course. But how sustainable is your team? With this challenging teambuilding activity, employees start to generate energy themselves! Which team generates the most energy with a self-built windmill?

Participants: 10 - 100

Duration: 3 - 3.5 hours

Culture building workshop

Culture building workshop

Culture Building is a smart teambuilding competition with stimulating questions, challenging assignments and fun games from the most diverse cultures.

The assignment is clear: Create with your team a world-famous building with huge wooden blocks and aluminum roof parts.

But the money for the building materials will have to earn the team members by playing games ... from different cultures!

Participants: 15 - 125

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Kite building workshop

Kite building workshop

Kite Building is an exciting and active form of team building. Working together on a giant kite that actually flies is an unforgettable experience.

It is unbelievable how big a kite can become. One or more teams can participate in Kite Building. Depending on the composition of the group, different models can be chosen. Then the adventure starts!

Participants: 15 - 125

Duration: 2.5 - 3 hours

Go-kart race

Go-kart race

The go-kart Race is an amazing teambuilding activity, in which the participants design and build go-karts in a team. Then a challenging agility race takes place.

From design to building to racing!

Participants: 12 - 300

Duration: 3 hours


Office abseiling

Abseiling down the office is a thrilling and unforgettable team building experience that goes beyond the traditional office environment. It's not just about the adrenaline rush; it's about pushing boundaries, fostering trust, and building connection among team members in a completely new and exhilarating way.

Participants: 10 - 50

Duration: 3 hours

GPS tour

The GPS tour is an adventurous, active and exciting teambuilding program! Actually, a GPS tour is a modern form of a quest. Get the team outside in a beautiful environment on the road. At various locations in the Netherlands such as Texel or Soest, employees are challenged to find their way and carry out assignments using a GPS navigation receiver.

Number of participants: 25 - 100

Duration: from 2 hours

Fire walking workshop

Fire walking workshop

Many people believe that barefoot walking over hot coals is only reserved for professionals with years of experience. What people often do not realize is that fire walking has everything to do with the right mind-set. That also applies to everything that people want to achieve in their work and life. Our highly skilled trainers will create the right mental state that ensures that they can walk over burning hot coals without danger and full of confidence. The feeling of courage and invincibility will ensure trust within your team. Employees are proud and can take on challenges again full of energy and strength!

Participants: 5 - 30

Duration: 20 - 60 minutes

Old timer team building day

Dutch old timer tour

Old timer tour is a unique outdoor team building activity. You probably know them the only real Dutch Dafjes from the sixties and seventies! On this exclusive trip you can enjoy an oldtimer tour ride in the beautiful Dutch landscape with the whole team.

The adventure starts with forming teams of two people. Each couple will take place in one of the many colorful Dafjes. Then the puzzle tour starts!

Participants: from 10

Duration: Up to 8 hours

adventurous team building

Indoor skydiving

Participate in an unforgettable experience of Indoor Skydiving together with your colleagues. Indoor Skydiving is a safe teambuilding activity that is not age-related. 

After the ultimate experience of flying, employees will be able to meet every challenge with a healthy dose of energy!

Participants: 10 - 30

Duration: From 1 hour

Keynote speakers, presenters and comedians

Book a keynote speaker

Keynote speakers

Top Teambuilding has an extensive network of top keynote speakers. Speakers that will excite and inspire your employees or guests with a catchy story. Based on the desired subject / theme, the target group, the budget and the nature of the event, we would be happy to advise you on selecting the ideal speaker.

Here are a few optional topics:

Management, leadership, vision & strategy
Team building & productivity
Change processes
Communication and cooperation
Sustainable business
Corporate culture, working in teams
Crisis, time and stress management
Marketing and sales
Motivation, inspiration and trends
Human resource Management
Book a comedian


In addition to our impressive range of business speakers, Top Teambuilding also offers a selection of the best comedians. Stand up comedy is very popular and humor is a very effective way to convey a message and to put things into perspective and relieve stress. The laughter muscles will be put to the test with very recognizable situations that play on the work floor. As a matter of course, the content of the programs is tailored to your message and theme.

Book a presenter or host for your team event

Presenters and hosts

Are you looking for a host or presenter for your congress or team day. Our professional presenters involve and grab the attention of their audience, give direction, create dialogue, encourage laughter, confront , puts into perspective and evaluates and is the red ribbon around your event!. Contact us to find the ideal host for your company.

Need advice? Contact our team building professionals!


About Us
Team building is becoming increasingly popular and organizations are increasingly demanding more from team building activities than just a fun day out. Top Teambuilding is based on the principle that a teambuilding activity should actually contribute to a more powerful team and a sense of togetherness.

Team building is a powerful tool for employees to get to know each other better. Team building can also ensure that people from different departments work together better. No islands of different departments but better use of each other's qualities and more involvement. If cooperation is optimal, employees will reinforce each other, head in the same direction and everyone is on the same page. This is the ideal basis for success.

Top people
Top Teambuilding only works with the best trainers, coaches, speakers, actors, comedians and artists. We assume that a top organization only deserves the best. Top Teambuilding is here for you!

For whom?
Top Teambuilding works for people, wherever work is done, people are involved! Top Teambuilding works for industrial organisations, ICT, pharmaceutical industry, governments and municipalities, cultural institutions, marketing companies, legal organizations and hospitals. In fact, for any organization that involves people!
All these organizations work with teams and departments that have to achieve predetermined objectives. The better these teams are attuned to each other, the more effectively and efficiently these objectives will be achieved. It is often forgotten that employee involvement, better cooperation, good communication, responsibility at work and especially fun within teams contribute to quality and a better organization. Ultimately, that will result in more profit in every area! Top teambuilding is happy to help make your organization stronger and healthier.

Team building during the covid pandemic
The world is constantly changing, and organizations have to grow with these changes. Only by growing with it is it possible to stay ahead… standing still means going backwards. The major drawback is that employees generally prefer to avoid change rather than embrace it. Top Teambuilding offers various corporate training and training courses and teambuilding workshops that respond to this fear of change and show that change can actually be quite fun. The comfort zone is broken and employees discover that changes can be seen as opportunities. Employees will also discover that it feels good to tackle new tasks.
Top Teambuilding also offers various top speakers who have specialized in the field of change management. Our speakers inspire management in a surprising way and stimulate your employees to tackle changes. Problems become challenges and uncertainties become opportunities. Your employees' willingness to change is guaranteed!

Cost of team building activities
The investment for a team building activity differs per company workshop, team training or outdoor activity. The fee is calculated based on the number of participants, the duration of the program and the type of team building. The intensity of the preparations for the trainer also influences the fee. You can be reassured that Top Teambuilding offers the highest achievable quality for the most competitive prices.

Endless possibilities
From an exciting icebreaker to a management training course, from a business speaker to a spectacular kick-off of your company day. From a playful intermezzo during your company meeting to an exciting outdoor activity. For a small group of employees to a large group of guests. Top Teambuilding is specialized in putting together a tailor-made program. During a pleasant preliminary phase, your wishes and objectives are clearly coordinated. Top Teambuilding always has a suitable offer!

Organization team building day
In addition to the offer of original team building activities and company training courses, you can also contact Top Teambuilding for the organization of your complete team building day. During your teambuilding day, various teambuilding workshops and possibly a speaker can be used. In consultation with you, we will create a surprising, high-quality program. This way you can enjoy a successful teambuilding day without stress.

Top Teambuilding also offers the possibility to link outdoor teambuilding activities to indoor team training sessions or team building workshops. This powerful combination is an effective way to clarify the processes within your organization. This refreshing mix of adventure and substantive team training provides the necessary variety for a dynamic and successful team day. Top Teambuilding is happy to advise you on the options that best suit your organization and objectives.